Why Hire A Pro?


Today, more than ever, business owners are concerned with financial overhead and expenses.  One of the first services that are cut, or that are never considered in the first place, is the hiring of a professional janitorial company.  This, however, is a misnomer  because of the reasons listed below:

Because hygiene affects health. Without a commercial cleaning service, some areas of your office will rarely (if ever) get a thorough cleaning. Do you often remember to sanitize the doorknobs? The light switches? The keyboards? Germs and bacteria gather in these (and many other) places, so it is important that they’re cleaned regularly to prevent illnesses.

Because cleanliness affects workplace efficiency. Cleanliness can affect the work that goes on within your office or commercial space. If the desks are always dusty, employees might spend valuable time dusting. If the kitchen in the break room is a wreck, coffee breaks intended to last a couple minutes might stretch to 10 or 15 minutes. And if employees are getting sick due to unsanitary surfaces, they will use up all their sick days and might even show up to work sick, which certainly won’t be good for their productivity.

Because it can influence your business’s reputation. When clients or customers walk through your space, you want to show them a clean and professional environment. It shows that you care about your company and the people within it. Additionally, when you use an outside cleaning service, you’re showing that you care enough about cleanliness that you feel it’s important to use a professional, not just any old employee. Speaking of which . . . 

Because they’re the pros. A custodian from a professional commercial cleaning company will have the equipment, techniques, and knowhow to thoroughly clean any surface. Although you could tell your employees to spray everything with Windex, that isn’t the best way to deal with a dirty office. Plus, if your employees have to take time out of their regular work schedule to clean, you’ll lose money! Invest in a quality cleaning service to ensure that your workspace will be cleaned from top to bottom, from the floors to the windows to the ceiling fans.

Because somebody’s gotta do it! I think we can all agree that cleanliness is important, especially in an office or commercial space. If you don’t hire a janitorial service, who will vacuum the floors? Who will clean the windows? Who will ensure that your space is both clean and sanitized? Unless you wish to draw yourself or your employees away from the tasks at hand, a professional service is the obvious answer. Someone has to do it. Why not a custodian?

If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable janitorial service in Slidell or on the Northshore, contact A Clean Getaway. We do everything from commercial cleaning and floor care to window cleaning and construction cleanup. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call at 985-445-7562 or click here to receive a free quote.

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